Prune and Cultivate

Prune and Cultivate G Sakamoto Nine Valley Transit Authority employees were killed on May 26 in a mass shooting in San Jose,

Prune and Cultivate2021-06-30T07:05:43-07:00

June President’s Message

We are halfway through the year and things are finally starting to look up!  We have certainly been in a dark tunnel

June President’s Message2021-06-06T11:09:00-07:00

May President’s Message

May Dharma Article The year seems to be moving right along…pandemic and all.  It’s probably just me because I know that I

May President’s Message2021-05-04T07:45:46-07:00

Yoda Knows

G Sakamoto “Fear is the path to the dark side … fear leads to anger … anger leads to hatred … hatre

Yoda Knows2021-05-04T07:43:28-07:00

April Presidents Message

Happy Spring everyone!  The days are getting longer and weather getting nicer.  I am starting to see cherry blossoms as I walk

April Presidents Message2021-04-06T11:17:07-07:00

Wisdom and Compassion

The two central components of enlightenment are wisdom and compassion. Wisdom that allows us to see things as they are and compassion

Wisdom and Compassion2021-04-06T11:14:39-07:00


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY REV. MIKAME! Reverend Etsuko Mikame comes from Shimane Prefecture where her family temple has shared the Nembutsu for over 300

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY REV. MIKAME!2020-08-15T09:19:21-07:00
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