Presidents Message – July

It’s that time again for the annual Obon season.  There have been several Obon planning meetings already completed.  As you know, these

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July: Obon Festival

Obon Festival G Sakamoto Obon will soon be upon us. Preparations for the Obon festival have been underway for months. During the

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June: Congratulations Graduates

Congratulations Graduates G Sakamoto Congratulations to all the graduates! Finally, after all your hard work, you have completed an important part of

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Presidents Message – June 2019

Presidents Message I was told the meaning of “Arigatai” in Japanese is to be grateful and showing gratitude. It’s similar to “arigato”

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May: Baking bread

Baking bread G Sakamoto I started baking bread a few years ago. Not often, maybe once every couple of months. I wanted

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March: Years gone by

Years gone by G Sakamoto Many years ago I wrote an article in which I retold a story of a man who

March: Years gone by2019-03-21T23:02:37-07:00