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Redemption G Sakamoto The Vows of Amida assure all of the resolution of difficulties. This includes even those beings that have committed


Betsuin Board Highlights – Dec 2019

Betsuin Board Highlights San Jose Betsuin Board of Directors Meeting Sunday December 15, 2019  submitted by Joyce Iwasaki Mission Statement The mission

Betsuin Board Highlights – Dec 20192020-01-03T00:39:17-07:00

President’s Message – January 2020

President’s Message January 2020 Happy New Year everyone, I hope all of you enjoyed a very joyful holiday.  The holiday season is

President’s Message – January 20202019-12-30T11:04:45-07:00

Kazoe-doshi and our lives

Kazoe-doshi and our lives Etsuko Mikame When we spend new year’s day, we eat especial cuisines and visit family to celebrate the

Kazoe-doshi and our lives2019-12-30T11:03:06-07:00

Happy New Year

Happy New Year G Sakamoto and Family A year has passed and a new year begins. It’s a time of celebration and

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G Sakamoto For a few years now I’ve been asked by a Vipassana group to come and talk about the Dharma and