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“Our love and Amida’s compassion”

“Our love and Amida’s compassion” Etsuko Mikame When it comes to events in February, the first thing that comes to your mind

“Our love and Amida’s compassion”2020-02-04T00:12:10-08:00

President’s Message – February 2020

My goodness, January 2020 has already passed and we should start thinking and preparing for Obon.  I don’t want to alarm you

President’s Message – February 20202020-02-04T00:10:25-08:00


Redemption G Sakamoto The Vows of Amida assure all of the resolution of difficulties. This includes even those beings that have committed


Betsuin Board Highlights – Dec 2019

Betsuin Board Highlights San Jose Betsuin Board of Directors Meeting Sunday December 15, 2019  submitted by Joyce Iwasaki Mission Statement The mission

Betsuin Board Highlights – Dec 20192020-01-03T00:39:17-08:00

President’s Message – January 2020

President’s Message January 2020 Happy New Year everyone, I hope all of you enjoyed a very joyful holiday.  The holiday season is

President’s Message – January 20202019-12-30T11:04:45-08:00

Kazoe-doshi and our lives

Kazoe-doshi and our lives Etsuko Mikame When we spend new year’s day, we eat especial cuisines and visit family to celebrate the

Kazoe-doshi and our lives2019-12-30T11:03:06-08:00

Happy New Year

Happy New Year G Sakamoto and Family A year has passed and a new year begins. It’s a time of celebration and

Happy New Year2019-12-30T10:59:49-08:00